Cincinnati Grass Seed and Straw

If you are using Hafner's topsoil or garden mix, then you are already starting your new lawn with the best foundation possible. So why use cheap grass seed? The grass seeds available at the big box stores don't meet the same quality standards as the products we offer, nor can you be sure that you are buying "fresh seed." Don't forget about straw, either. Straw acts as mulch and protects your seed during the germination phase in many ways. At Hafner's we provide the best seed and all the know-how to help you get your lawn looking its best.

Hafner's Tri-Fescue Blend

Beautylawn Grass Seed

Our very own triple variety fescue blend outperforms all other seeds in our region. The unique blend allows for full season viability, even in stressful conditions. Our blend includes the following varieties: Penn RK4 Waterstar, Rebel Exeda, and Rebel IV.

Wheat Straw

Finelawn Elite Grass Seed

 Pure baled wheat straw from the Little Miami farm fields of H. Hafner and Sons, Inc. and other local suppliers.  One bale covers approximately 400 square feet.