Cincinnati LEED Compliance


An integral part of any LEED project is waste diversion. Hafner’s operates both a roll-off container service and a construction/demolition debris recycling center, giving us a unique advantage in the Cincinnati market. 

A typical waste plan involves generator-based site separation into well-defined dumpsters already on site. By separating materials on site, a generator not only saves money, but also makes a distinct impact on the jobsite by showing owners, investors, and subcontractors that the LEED process is being actively employed.

Comingled waste that is transported back to Hafner’s recycling center is also processed. Extraneous solid waste is removed and set aside for transport to a local sanitary site. HVAC units, appliances and other mechanical items are deconstructed and scrapped accordingly. 


WOOD:  All wood is either processed at the Hafner compost center for mulch production or, depending upon condition, resold as dimensional lumber.

FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS METALS:  All metals including iron, aluminum, copper, etc. are scrapped and graded then transported to local scrap yards. 

CONCRETE, ASPHALT, BLOCK, BRICK AND TILE:  Any item composed of aggregate is crushed at the Hafner recycling center and resold as recycled aggregate.  Hafner’s sells seven different types of recycled aggregate at their site and can even transport their crushing and screening operation to your jobsite so the reclaimed materials can be used on-site.  All final products are magnetized to remove rebar and reinforcing wire.  This recovered steel is also scrapped.

PLASTICS:  Plastic recycling is undertaken on a per-job basis.  Plastics are separated according the resin coding system established by the Society of the Plastics Industry.  Collected materials are then sent to appropriate recycling centers, locally or regionally. 

CARDBOARD AND PAPER:  All packaging consisting of cardboard and paper is removed from each comingled load and transported to Caraustar: Cincinnati Paperboard for proper recycling.


Our LEED manager with compile the necessary paperwork (weight and volume tickets) to confirm that the waste generated on your site was properly handled and recycled.