Cincinnati Compost

Hafner is your trusted source for high-quality compost. Not sure which type of compost to choose? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help! With their expertise, finding the ideal compost for your unique requirements becomes a seamless experience.

Moisture Retention: Compost acts as a sponge, increasing the soil's water-holding capacity. Its organic matter holds moisture, ensuring a steady supply for plants.

Improved Soil Structure: It fosters better soil aggregation, creating pore spaces that allow air and water to penetrate. This aids root growth, nutrient absorption, and provides a conducive environment for soil organisms.

Erosion Resistance: By binding soil particles together, compost helps prevent erosion. It fortifies the soil against the impact of rain and wind, reducing the likelihood of soil loss.

Nutrient Enrichment: Compost releases essential nutrients slowly, feeding plants gradually. This minimizes nutrient leaching and ensures a steady supply of vital elements for plant growth.

Balanced pH Levels: Consistent compost applications can help balance soil pH, creating a more neutral environment, which many plants prefer for optimal growth.

Overall, incorporating compost into soil contributes to a healthier, more resilient environment for plants, promoting better growth, and reducing the need for additional chemical fertilizers and irrigation.

Pine Fines

Pine Fines

Our pure 100% pine fines contain no sand or hardwood filler. This product is a perfect soil amendment or standalone mulch. This product has a natural golden tone. Unit of sale is the cubic yard.

Hafner’s Compost

Hafner’s Compost
Hafner’s Compost

No Description

Aged Horse Manure

Collected from various farms throughout the tri-state area. Material is aged roughly 5 years before sale. Perfect for additions to gardens and planting beds, finely shredded prior to sale.

Aged Leaf Mold

Aged Leaf Mold

Collected every fall by municipalities and individuals. Aged roughly 3 years prior to sale. Good addition to boxed planters or containers. Finely shredded prior to sale. Unit of sale is the cubic yard.

Mushroom Compost


Delivered from mushroom farms in Pennsylvania, this product boasts high nitrogen content. Good for use as a planting medium. Unit of sale is the cubic yard.