Dumpster FAQ

What is Municipal Solid Waste?
More commonly known as trash or garbage, municipal solid waste consists of everyday items such as product packaging, furniture, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspapers, appliances, bedsprings/mattresses and carpeting.

What is Construction/Demolition Waste?
Includes wood, concrete, drywall, masonry, roofing, siding, metal, wire, insulation, windows, doors, and other building material, including plastics, styrofoam, rocks, and dirt.  This waste is typically defined as anything that was once permanentally affixed to a structure.  Construction waste does not include hazardous waste, garbage or asbestos.

What is Yard Waste?
Yard waste includes woody or brushy debris "grown from the ground." The discsounted rates offered for this material excludes tree stumps.

How long may I keep the container?
Our standard container rental is 7 calendar days. Extra days can be added for a charge.

Can you pick up the container the same day it was dropped off?
Yes, some of our customers do not want the container to sit in front of the house or block the driveway so you may request early morning delivery and same day afternoon pickup. Please make sure your work crews finish loading the dumpster before the scheduled pickup time.

How soon can you deliver containers?
Dumpster orders placed before 10:00am can typically be scheduled for next-day delivery. Same day delvery may be possible.

I'm renovating my home; can I dump lumber and other building material into the dumpster?
Yes, you may load the container with wood, drywall, carpeting, concrete, metal, plumbing, etc.

Can I dump oil and chemicals into the container?
No, you may not use the containers to dispose of petroleum-base material or hazardous material. Also, for environmental reasons you may not dump tires or materials that contain asbestos.

What is your Service Area?
H. Hafner and Sons, Inc. is located in Cincinnati, OH.   We service the Greater Cincinnati Area, including Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.